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The World is Flat

The world already was flat

Fantasy map of a flat earth

The world is flat again

Explanation on cats

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Quantum Hello World


So What?

10,000 times more productive than Xeons at same power consumption levels. With potential to 50,000x.

Explanation on Cats

Schrödinger’s cat lives. Quantum is not micro anymore, it is macro, it is everything.


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We will fuck robots

We already love machines

If you have a car, and you don’t use any name to talk to you car, then there are two reasons: either your car is just another soul-less car, or your are special. Usually every car owner loves her/his car and uses some name for it. If you car is under-powered, you would ask her: “come on, come on car_name”, when climbing the ascending road. So you are already talking to the machines, at least to one machine – your car.
The same it true for the boat, small air boat or bigger luxurious one. Obviously it is true for the bikes. Maybe now it is emerging for the flying drones. Interesting how employees who still work at warehouses call those machines there… Probably they don’t love them. But the fact is that we love our lifestyle machines: cars, bikes, boats, drones.

Exponential technologies

There is technological acceleration nowadays. It is most visible on 8 technologies (check Abundance and Singularity University for deeper details):
* biotech and bioinformatics
* computational systems
* networks and sensors
* artificial intelligence
* robotics
* digital manufacturing
* medicine
* nanotech and nanomaterials

It is very interesting to dig into each of them, or combine them. But it is not a purpose on this post. There are two others, or just Big Two, as an umbrella on those eight: military and porn. Many researches are applied in military first, then go to other industries and lifestyle. Many technological problems are solved in porn, and many opportunities are created there.

Connecting the dots

Materials are needed to reach realistic experience, to transcend from dolls to human peers. New Turing test – you smell and touch the skin, hair, and you cannot distinguish between natural/organic and artificial. Maybe we could program existing cells to grow and behave slightly different, or we will invent new synthetic materials that will be indistinguishable from organic. Or hybrids why not? Probably new materials will self assemble or be manufactured at atomic level by new 3D printers, to connect the right atoms in to right atomic grids. A lot depends on the connection order: diamonds and ashes are from same Carbon atoms. The bottom line is that biotech and nanomaterials and 3D printing are well empowering creation of cyberskin with realistic experience.

Computational systems, robotics and artificial intelligence is what’s behind the scenes [read behind the skin]. Having joints is not enough. All those artificial bones and ligaments must be orchestrated perfectly. It is all about real-time computing. Energy efficient real-time computing, to avoid any sticking wires externally, or plenty of heat or noise released. Everything should be smart enough to be packed into the known volume, to have known weight, center of mass, have known temperature, and bend and move realistically. Emotional intelligence is important, to have adequate mental reaction between human and machine.

Rudimentary evidence

Sex dolls, dildos and travel pussies exist for years. Porn stars have official copies of their realistic genitals and dolls sold. Porn stars might be OK that somebody fucks their rubber shadows. What cannot be said by other celebrities, because of privacy, ethics, moral. There is some real knowledge of beauty. Female face research, published in Brain Research, as hypothalamus reaction. Something similar should be available for male faces. And not only faces, for the body, for the voice, for the smell, manners etc. All that could be grasped by measurements and machine learning. At the end we need some classification like those beautiful faces, to know what exists, and then figure out how to use them.




There will be just better sex dolls, indistinguishable from people. Turing sex test will be passed between the legs. Caleb could try it with Ava, and he wanted to, he truly fell in love with Ava [Ex Machina]. That’s just a question of time. What is interesting, how we are going to control/prevent emergence of the copies of ourselves. OK, may be there is no big demand for copies of you, but there will be big demand for copies of celebrities. And celebrities may not be happy that somebody fucks their realistic clones. That will go underground, and will grow behind the law. Probably there will be countries or territories world wide capitalizing on this sex heavens, like some did as tax heavens. We will have sexual intercourse with robots like Deckard had with Rachael [Blade Runner, Los Angeles 2019], full of emotions and feelings for both sides. And enough people will do sex tourism for the forbidden fruit – to fuck their favorite peers and celebrities. Maybe there will be on-demand manufacturing of the sex clone of everybody via pictures & videos from their social traces… This is how ultimate experience in porn will evolve. People will fuck their lovely robots.

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