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La Jolla Shores Surfing Map

Attached is a map drawn by Joe Tudor, surfer coach, father of famous Joel Tudor – 2 times longboard champion, 8 times US open champion, Jiu Jitsu world champion and numerous Jiu Jitsu champion titles.

I met Joe Tudor in the house of my friend in Del Mar near San Diego. Besides Joe, there was one of the architects of Burj Khalifa (highest sky scraper), journalist of famous American travel magazine, wife of Joel with their kid. It was crazy evening. As artifact i got written map by Joe Tudor from Del Mar to La’Jolla Shores, instructions how to start surfing. It was my first experience with surfing. And it was from the father of the famous champion.

Check out Joel’s famous trick of stepping onto the nose of the longboard!

It was July 2008. Hope this story together with the handmap was interesting for you. If you like more details, get it touch with me.

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