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Cheap cheating from Apple:(


I watched it just to know what Apple does. It is same necessity to try Windows 8. Or Google Glass. I have to know what is going on in the industry. Because I and in charge of R&D at  pretty big company.

So, the Keynote was boring. They used all those words, as from the checklist: amazing, best, remarkable etc. Just generate a list of synonyms and find those words in presenters’ speeches. Not a big surprise that the audience applauds were so-so in comparison to 2007. I watched the Keynote from YouTube and had a chance to see the likes vs. dislikes. Dislikes outperformed likes 4 to 1 or so. This tells something. You can not fool the geeks. It is possible to fool the crowd (of sheeps), but it does not work with geeks. Apple shown nice Macbook Pro, but it could be shown in 15 minutes instead of hours. Dropbox works for years perfectly, why should I hear about their iCloud as something outstanding? It is not the best and even not the first. Wasted time guys.

Cheap cheating

Now about what annoyed the most – it is visual tricks how to fool the audience. Take a look at the iOS guy’s slide, about the mobile operating systems distribution. He shown two pie charts, Apple’s on the left and Android’s on the right. As two charts represent relative info (in percentage), then both had to be of the same size. Instead we see the artificial perspective applied to reduce the size of right (Android) chart.


The narrative about the match of versions (Apple’s 5th vs. Android 4th) accompanies all this circus. OK, one marketing is better than another, with invention of bigger number of the OS. But we had Microsoft, playing with the numbers. There was Windows 8 recently. Are salivating from it? Me not. But let’s go back to the labeling. Pay attention that Apple’s best version (iOS5) are on closer sector to us (below the chart center), while Android’s best version (Android 4.0) are far behind, on far sector from us (on top of the chart center). Now please notice the tilt of this surface, aimed to reduce the size of far sectors, while stretch the size of front sectors. Doing this unfair labeling + squeezing + stretching Apple delivers overblown own stuff to you! They were doing that for years. I remember seeing this trick several years ago. Take a look below:


Real picture

The true situation on the market is different, it is against Apple. Because Android install base is bigger. Apple is like Sony, incompatible with everything, while the World wants open standards. There is good introduction how open movement pushed hard onto hardware, software and content. Read it here on SoftServe’s site. Second part is coming soon. Look at the Kickstarter for Pebble project. The geeks are doing the next big things without Big Brothers. 10 million from crowdfunding is something to notice! The future is more open than today. Our industry is on decay (on transition into commodity), but this will last for 20 years for sure. Hence, it is better to imagine those two decades without Marketing brainwashing what is best or what we need. Geeks do know what they need. Below is a real picture of the operating systems distribution.


by Asymco

you can google yourself to get the feeling what is true and what is a bull shit.

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