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Grand Piano Redesign

Non-IT post. It’s about design and music.

When I played piano I used to pay attention to the instruments visual look,¬†keyboard¬†feedback and produced sound. In that exact order. If the piano didn’t look aesthetic, didn’t mirror everything in front panel, didn’t have forms or nice wooden patterns, I didn’t like that instrument. Keyboard was may be most important, but I still rank it second. If keyboard was soft and easy, it was disaster. My favorite keyboard had to be pretty demanding, you had to make your fingers kicking each key properly. That was required for speedy playing. Really very fast playing, faster than teachers. It was impossible on easy keyboard somehow… The sound was last. I liked the sound of German grand piano, didn’t like the sound of Estonian ones. Though it was only third priority.

So what do we have today? If I started piano playing again, what would be the priorities? The visual look would remain a number one. And I would like modern design. Check out what’s emerged during these years… May be it worth a try?







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