WHERE 2.0, Wednesday, Final

Presenter from Bitly announced  as “she will share pure geo porn”

bitly by Hilary Mason Chief Scientist

time == f(space) or more precisely, time == f(distance) now, with Twitter, time == f(attention)

2h of Twitter to be clicked. 7h on Youtube to be clicked. Egypt stats shown Internet down, revolution clearly. Bitly has clicks. All theis data is generated by clicks. They have time too, hence they analyze real-time clicks. Social data and Location data are noisy filters. New geographies of social data. Plus time.


Closure panel.

from WHERE conferences, the trend was from ‘how to collect data’ to ‘how to make impact’. what is a biggest surprise at WHERE this year? or biggest unsurprise? people are changing behavior based on biolocation data. 2-3 next years. by Waze. Smart cities. Sensors. M2M between the phone and building. Cities will have API. Interplay of different kinds of sensors is exciting. By Bitly. Voice interface to reduce cognitive load during interaction. By VC. greater and smarter context. Time to build new innovation. People assuming that current model would stay (e.g. search). Current search paradigm makes any sense in my device. Need ‘smartness’. BodyMedia mentioned when talked about smart things. realtime exchange. what you context will be along the way in real-time? mobile phone is trusted identity. but losable, stealable. solve the problems for the real people, make them come back. foursquare, yelp, facebook, twitter – generates data from what users put on top of it. Apple has a clear biz model of selling devices. Do you own your own data? facebook is not a geopower house. next geopowerhouse will be social. twitter is on the list. eBay is interesting with recent acquisitions of RedLaser, Milo.


my conclusion. WHERE 2011 was stronger than WHERE 2012.


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2 thoughts on “WHERE 2.0, Wednesday, Final

  1. sukholeyster says:

    is this “shift from collecting the data to making impact” any big dirrerence from old BI paradigm “make use of data for right decisions”?
    I also doubt in bitly having anough data. Google is the king – they have browsing history, browsing trends – Google know what people are looking for. Bitly would have data about where people click, but there are so many such services.. and they are niched to blogs and newsposts.

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