WHERE 2.0, Wednesday, Part III – Native vs. HTML5

Zaarly http://www.zaarly.com

5,000 year old idea.
Post a request and you will be connected with someone who can fulfill it. Pay only when you get the goods. Tell us what you want to sell you will be notified at anytime 
someone asks for it. Now building an environment for safe buying and selling with the people. It is meta-market place. Crazy doesn’t work, but if you ask smth sane, it works. Ask what you want, how much you can pay and the work will be done by somebody near you. Some similarity to TaskRabbit + craigslist

In few days 10K dollars came in transactions on daily basis. Product has been changed since that time. Product became ‘on-purpose’ instead of being ‘the neccesity’. It was native iOS app. After 2 weeks such questions as HTML5 raised! After year HTML5 won in terms of deployment, supporting iPhone and Android.

first 3 months of decision making. Why we did native deploy? why now we do HTML5?
who uses iPhone native Facebook app today?!

Issue with UX exists. There is same Tab Bar on top of the screen on both iPhone and Android. For Android it is OK, as conformant to the Android UI guidelines. But for the iPhone it is a style problem. Apple HIG specifies Tab Bar to be at the bottom. Hence, Mobile Web doesn’t work is you want to be conformant with every platform 100%. Having two codebases (one for Android, one for iPhone) is a solution, it is known as Dedicated Web. Almost same code, but different positioning of the Tab Bar (and other specific elements of UI that are religiously different). Or, brand you bar, use it always at same place and f..k guidelines.

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