WHERE 2.0, Tuesday, Part V

To Google or not to Google?
by StreetEasy http://streeteasy.com
dilemma between use of commercial map provider vs. free alternatives

web map stack (also useful to other non-map imagery delivery):
* map viewer
* tiles
* serving
* raw data
* style
* markers & layers

StreetEasy stats
20,000,000 pageviews per month
600,000 map views oer day
$2,300 per day in Google fees
$850,000 per year in Google fees
20x our current hosting fee

is OpenStreetMap is an only option? do we want to put them on the site?
Stamen, people enjoy them!
TileMill from MapBox.

made our own maps!
maps have own set of tradeoffs.

data from OSN, NY City CUNY and ourselves,
Own tile design using TileMill,
hosted and served on MapBox,
viewed in Leaflet.
$15K-20K per year.

never use Google maps for all-paid site (enterprise license).
http://mapstraction.com as a Plan B is rules change.

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