WHERE 2.0, Tuesday, Part IV

Twitter Geo Stack


@RAFFI Director of Platform Services from Twitter presented their geo stack.
at high-level Twitter’s geo infrastructure looks like this:
* Ruby in Rails frontend
* Scala-based “Rockdove” service using JTS
* Cassandra as the persistent store
* Thrift as RPC mechanism

There were details about the data format for Cassandra (place, edit and id), index nodes sharded by place id, Lucene used for search. There is Gazetter component interacting with Indexes. Gazetter is also connected to Cassandra.

my question was “what was a consideration to prefer Cassantra to MongoDB or HBase?”. The answer was “it is historical, at Twitter it Cassandra is historical. There are 5-6 Cassandra committers. So it’s historical.”

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