WHERE 2.0, Tuesday, Part II

continued after the coffee break


Noah Iliinsky on visualization with maps or without maps. No need to use maps everywhere! Is location information meaningful? it depends. The Genealogy of Pop/Rock music http://www.historyshots.com/rockmusic/. Religious borders and Linguistic borders. Geography is important and used properly. Council of Europe, European Union, Schengen Area etc not possible to show on geographical map, or even not needed to do it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Supranational_European_Bodies.png. Famous Napoleon march diagram, contains almost now geography. Just couple of rivers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Minard.png

BTW yesterday we had a discussion of famous Underground map (London Tube Map http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/standard-tube-map.pdf). Noah mentioned screwed geography (notice circles on background). I’ve brought the idea that the map could preserve the real proportions if more details added (much more details) that would emerge into the new map, totally next level of presentation in comparison to the current one. Hoping for “to clarify, add details”.


Kickstarter project Baloon Mapping Kit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1775485688/balloon-mapping-kits
Demo with aerial kit. Baloon with iPhone on the rope. Public Laboratory Mapping Tool. MapKnitter is used to combine aerial photos into the map http://mapknitter.org. Multi-spectrum imagery possible. This is really useful for example for agriculture.


Urban Airship http://urbanairship.com
Started with Bluetooth. Idea for messaging. Push notifications. Push is the savior for apps. Set of services for developers around push notifications. 1st generation of mobile apps – shown web on mobile. 2nd generation – receiving stuff in personalized way.e.g. Walgreens let’s you take the pharmacist with you. Adding location to this mix is tricky. Location is hard to get right in messaging. Segments. Precision audience targeting: location, context, preferences. Walgreens knows you will not run out. meridian – indoor GPS http://www.meridianapps.com together with Urban Airship.


Dwolla https://www.dwolla.com

The cash-inspired payment network What about indoor location?
payments are screwed up for programming for apps.
sending money should be easy as a single call to the API (single url).


SoLoMo http://slmtechnology.com/solomo/
collaborative consumtion. shared economy.
Social+Location+MObile == service networking


Tracking & Mapping Disease
real-life stuff about disease research by geography.


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