WHERE 2.0, Monday, Part I

From WHERE 2.0, morning workshops. Dedicated to visualization of data. Not sorted. Just groupped into separate sections.

Guide for selection of visuals.
Table of best use of visual encodings. A guide which visual property to use for appropriate encoding of information http://complexdiagrams.com/properties

Color coding.
Color coding sucks. It is not built into the human brain.
Hue/luminosity rocks. It is built into the brain! Hence use same color, darker and lighter, when you want to code the rank. Coding of categories with color is OK, but not the rank!

Defaults for visualization.
All defaults in MS Excel are wrong. MS put low priority for fixing it, because added value is not big.
all defaults in Tableau are right. Founder did PhD 25 years ago http://www.tableausoftware.com

Visualization of graphs.
tools for graphs http://gephi.org

Even more maps. Design maps.
design maps, free maps http://maps.stamen.com

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